Dirt Devil SD20000 RED Simpli-Stik Lightweight Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum Review

The Dirt Devil Versa Power is simply a multi-purpose cleaning tool. It is a single-step solution that functions as a stick vac, an easy lift off hand vac, and a utility vac – all in one.

Best vacuum for hardwood floors_Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Lightweight Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum, SD20000RED

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Features at a glance
• Dimension – 7 X 11 X 45 inches
• 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner featuring a stick vacuum, handheld vacuum, and a utility vacuum
• Includes an onboard crevice tool
• Handheld unit detaches easily from the larger unit
• Features easy on/off switch
• Lightweight allows easy portability
• Smooth-rolling wheels and convenient cord wrap
• Easy-empty and removable dust cup

Design and Performance
The Dirt Devil Versa Power is engineered to match your busy lifestyle. It is lightweight in design that allows portability. This allows fast moving around. The little wheels smoothly moves, although not in all directions. They only move back and forth. But for me that has never been a big problem since it is lightweight and I can slide it over the floor left and right smoothly.

Best vacuum for hardwood floors_Dirt Devil SD20000RED_ cover

You can convert this to a Hand Vac in second and can carry it anywhere – from room to room and up and down stairs. By detaching the hand vac you can then clean dust, dirt and crumbs on furniture, counters, shelves, upholstery and drapes. Earlier I had two separate vacuums to clean my carpet and rug with one and hard floor with another. Anyone who used both to satisfactorily clean the home can imagine the pain I had been through by using two machines to clean a single home. The Dirt Devil Versa Power made my life truly easy. I no more need two machines to clean my rugs/carpet with one and the hard floor with another. Thanks to the multi-surface cleaningfeature that makes the machine work efficiently on multiple surfaces.

The story of a busy urban life of middle and upper middle-class couple is almost same everywhere. We get up early in the morning, make breakfast for us and the kids. Get children ready for their school. Make their Tiffin. Drop them at schools/day care Centers and just 1-5 minutes before the clock strikes 9:00 am, we reach office (and release that breath of relief thinking ‘Oh! I could make it on time!’) or do whatever business we are in to run a decent living. We get back home in the evening. We as put off shoes the first thing that grabs our attention is the layer of dust that piled on the floor all day. As a reality of urban life, a lot of dust gets inside our home and creates layers of tiny dust particles on the floor. 
The story goes on. As the dust move around and they collect more dust and cat hair (I have a cute pair of cats that add to the trouble) to form round balls. At these tiring hours in the evening we need something that picks up this running balls and dust and hair layers easily. For a perfect cleaning though we all need to mop after vacuuming to collect that tiny dust attached to the floor. But this one amazingly works to remove dust and cat hair that are visible to the open eye really well.

The vacuum features an On-Board Crevice Tool that conveniently gets into tight spaces. You will no more have the difficulty to reach tight areas in the corners, around your furniture and along all the edges of delicate electronics once you bring this home.

Cleaning the re-usable dirt bag or replacing the bag with a new one became part of my home cleaning chores. Thanks to The Dirt Devil that it came bagless to take me out of that unpleasant experience. The smart, bagless design in this model is easy to empty!

One of the most important features that rates a vacuum high over other choices is its suction power and its consistency. This particular model comes with 1.25 Amp Motor that cut through messes with a constant suction power. The model also features a Rinseable Filtration allowing you to keep it ready for future use.

• Very handy
• Allows multi-surface cleaning
• Allows smooth rolling over the floor
• Lets you reach tight places easily
• Consistent suction power
• Easy maintenance
• Affordable


Small absorption areas at the bottom (Had it been bigger, it would suck in a larger area in a shorter time)

Overall, this is a nice product to justify what you pay for. As an user I shall rate its quality and reliability high.