Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

If you are in need of a vacuum cleaner that has both quality and efficiency, then one of the most suitable vacuum cleanerwould be the Dyson DC39 Animal canister vacuum cleaner. This full size canister vacuum cleaner by Dyson is a one stop shop fulfilling all your cleaning needs and requirements. It is appointed with ball technology that gives you greater maneuverability with complete convenience and comfort. You can clean all type of floors with this machine and it gives comparable efficiency to any other heavy duty vacuum cleaner that you may find in market.

Technical Specifications

  • Motor: 11 amps
  • Cord Length: 21.7 feet
  • Hose Length: 10 feet
  • Cleaning width: 10 inches
  • Cleaning Radius: 32.8 feet
  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 19.5 x 14.2 inches
  • Weight: 16.9 lbs
  • Warranty: 5 years parts and labor
Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Why Dyson DC39 Animal canister vacuum cleaner?

With this cleaner, you can get rid of having awkward movements and it is capable of capturing even tiniest hair particles of your pet at home. It operates with a maximum suction power with the patented technology of Dyson. Throughout the cleaning process, the suction power is maintained and the bag less nature of this cleaner makes it more comfortable to use. No need to replace the bags during cleaning process. Storage is no problem at all as it could fit in a confined space in your house. Moreover it operates quietly so you would not have fear of disturbing others in the house.

Design and structure

The Dyson DC39 Animal canister vacuum cleaneroperates with the patented Dyson Technology. Dyson engineers have been continuously working towards improvement and introduction of new techniques for a better advanced machine. This technology is also used with other Dyson models like Dyson DC39 Multi floor CanisterThe technology is completely new and different rather than being replica of some of the technique. It is 100% genuine.

Apart from that the vacuum uses ball technology. No more using fixed wheels as this ball technology gives you feasible move with comfort. Greater gravity and stability is ensured as the ball holds the cleaner motor to lower the center. You can be fearless about getting your carpet dig by the cleaner as the ball technology won’t let it happen. No awkward moving and turns right on the spot are highlighted features of this ball technology based cleaner.

Moreover the machine functions with a central steering mechanism that gives you greater control over your vacuum. The pivot is situated close to the center of machine that makes following a path real easy with tighter turnings.

The weight of the machine is light at 16.9 pounds and its size is 10.2 x 19.5 x 14.2 inchesThe long 5 years warranty on parts and labor by Dyson for DC39 Animal Canister is surely a benefit that gives you worry free usage for years.

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Power and Performance

This Canister Vacuum Cleaner faces no compromise on quality as all the main components of the machine are placed in the ball that is acoustically treated. This configuration and construction of the vacuum gives reduced levels of noise.

The Cyclone technology appointed with the vacuum is capable of capturing even the smallest 0.5 microns dirt and dust particles that gives you safer air to breathe in. Moreover it also include additional HEPA filter (non-removable) which could expel a clean air by capturing 1/5000 pinhead size microns. It could trap smallest size bacteria, pollen and mold from air. The vacuum thus is one of the safest one for those suffering from asthma problem and various dust allergies.

The cleaner is powered with 11 amps motor that gives enough power for efficient cleaning of bare floors, carpets and even stairs. The cord length is 21.7 feet with the hose length of 10 feet. You can enjoy a cleaning width of 10.4 inches with the cleaner and maximum reach it offers is 32.8 feet.


The Radial Root Cyclone technology of the Dyson DC39 Animal cleaneris capable of capturing huge amount of dirt with its maximum power of suction and with its re-designed airways. It would not lose the suction as you operate through the whole space for cleaning. Moreover it has no bags or filters that you need to replace with other vacuum cleaners causing you some additional costs.

There exists ordinary cleaners that usually rely on these bags and filters for capturing dust and dirt. This dirt gets clogged in their tiny holes, restrict air flow and thus suction is reduced. This is not the case with Dyson cleaners. The impressive cyclone technology gives you high speed suction at all times that spins the air with high speed for cleaning. The high speed forces produced flung the dirt and pet hair directly in to the bin.

How it work?

For more than 20 years now, Dyson team of engineers has been working on development of new technologies for improvement in flow with reduced turbulence and improved air pressure. The design is made to capture even the tiniest hair or dust particle from your home.

The Dyson DC39 Animal canister vacuum cleaneris simple to operate and works well on both soft carpeting and hard flooring. The cleaner gives you effective cleaning with reduced noise level in comparison to other cleaners.

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DC39 Animal Canister has a number of tools included for more convenient and customized cleaning. It includes an air driven rotating brush bar called the Triggerhead tool. This turbine head control is located at the handle so you don’t need to bend down.

Brush bar could be turned on or off for hard floors and carpets with the push of a button located on the handle. It also features a mini turbine head that is capable of cleaning dirt and pet hair from places like stairs, car etc. The cleaner also comes with a quick start guide and an operating manual with the help of which you can learn to use the machine more effectively.


  • High quality and durable machine that gives you long run with minimal cost of maintenance.
  • Compact design and weight is light that makes moving quite convenient.
  • Suitable for variable type of floors and works well with cleaning of pet hair.
  • Transparent bin – you would know when to clean it.
  • Radial root cyclone technology, ball technology and patented Dyson technology gives efficient cleaning.
  • Doesn’t lose suction and offers high speed air flow for improved cleaning.
  • Powerful suction and operates without making much noise.
  • Cord length 21.7 foot and maximum reach 32.8 foot.
  • Long warranty of 5 years.


  • Dust capacity is a little smaller and you would need to empty it.
  • It is not friendly for people with allergies and asthma problem.
  • Price is a little higher in comparison to other brands but it is completely justified with benefits that this machine offers.


With complete details given on features of the Dyson DC39 Animal canister vacuum cleaner, we conclude that this machine would stand perfect for you if you want to clean multiple floor types and would like to get rid of tiny pet hair. It surely is a little pricey so if you are looking for something cheaper, we recommend you to read cheap vacuum reviewsHowever with this machine you will find no compromise on quality and efficiency. So if you wish to buy, get it now from Amazon where you can get 27% off on price.