Electrolux UltraActive DeepClean Bagless EL4300B Review

The Electrolux UltraActive DeepClean Bagless Canister Vacuum, EL4300B is a powerful canister vacuum that is equipped with impressive suction power and DeepClean power head.

It is known to be a convenient machine that gives you cyclonic separation and bagless convenienceIt comes with a dust cup that is easy to empty saving you from trouble and cost of purchasing replacement bags. This compact size cleaner is also light in weight making it easier to handle and operate. Moreover the HEPA filtration system gives additional benefit to asthma and allergy sufferers by removing finest particles of dust and dirt.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 11 x 17.5 inches
  • Weight: 12.5 lbs
  • Power: 12 amps, 2 motors
  • Key Features: DeepClean powerhead, Bagless cyclonic technology, ErgoShock cord, HEPA filter
  • Warranty: 5 years

Design and structure

The Electrolux UltraActive DeepClean Bagless Canister Vacuum, EL4300B has a sleek design with all the controls placed for convenient use while cleaning. One of the highlighted features of this vacuum is the ergo shock cord. This works as a furniture guard and you can easily double it up with hose wrap making the entire system quite portable for easy transport.

Moreover the Electrolux Deep Clean Ultra Active gives easy maneuvering with effective swiveling 180 degrees turnings. This makes cleaning easier even in difficult to reach areas. Also it has automatic cord rewind systemthat makes storage easier with retraction feature of cord.

The canister is bagless and includes an easy to empty dust cup that removes dust, dirt and debris away from the cup with one touch button. The full bin indicatorwould notify you when to clean the bin. The machine is ergonomically friendly with a soft rubber handlethat gives impressive gripping. The weight is also quite light at 12.5 pounds and product dimensions are 11 x 11.5 x 17.5 inches.

Electrolux offers 5 year warranty for this canister vacuum. The vacuum is appointed with tools that gives you excellent cleaning on bare floors, carpets and on rugs too.

Power and Performance

The Electrolux UltraActive DeepClean Bagless Canister Vacuum, EL4300B is equipped with powerful cyclonic technology along with 12 amp motor matching the power performance of the Eureka Complete Clean Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner 955A. It features a DeepClean power head that ensures superior deep cleaning.

There are two motors appointed with this canister vacuum. One gives you impressive power for suction while other to work well on your carpet agitation. This enhanced feature completely removes all the dirt and allergens from carpeted flooring. The manual pile adjustment gives users flexibility of adjusting height of the vacuum to match with your carpet pile low to deep and you can set it according to your smooth floor cleaning too.

The brushroll on/off switch ensures easy transition from carpeted to bare flooring and vice versa. The vacuum also features a safety power cut off option that works well when some object gets caught up in the nozzle. Users can easily press the reset button that can be found on the power nozzle.

Electrolux UltraActive DeepClean Bagless Review

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The HEPA filter that comes with the canister is washable and helps in effective removal of 99.97% of dust and allergens even those 0.3 microns. Thus you can term this machine to be the best choice for asthma and allergy sufferers.

How it work?

According to users this one is a really quiet machine and doesn’t make any annoying sound that you may encounter with other ordinary vacuums. Overall it works effectively on hard floor surface like wood, tiles etc. with brush roll setting off. If you keep the brush roll on these surfaces then some damage could be caused if the surface is delicate.


The Electrolux UltraActive DeepClean Bagless Canister Vacuum, EL4300B comes with different accessories that aid in cleaning perfectly. It includes dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool and bare floor brush. Dusting brush can be used with light fabrics, curtains, frames, shelves etc. while the crevice tool is most suitable option for corners and difficult areas. For all the upholstered furniture, use upholstery tool.


  • The design of the machine is light weight and size is compact that gives you ease of moving.
  • Hose wrap makes transport and storage easy.
  • Ultra efficient cyclonic technology and 12 amp powerful motor gives impressive cleaning.
  • Ergonomically user friendly designed machine with carrying handle.
  • A range of on-board attachments offers easy cleaning all around your house or workplace.
  • Convenience of being bagless saves you from hassle and additional cost of replacement bags.
  • Long cord with automatic retraction system so no need to find where to plug in each area. It can easily clean a large room.
  • The vacuum is suitable for both smooth and carpeted floor type.
  • HEPA filter gives you dust and allergens free air.
  • 5 years warranty.


In comparison to the pros that this canister offers, there are some shortcomings too including:

  • The attachments doesn’t connect to the hose properly and you have to try a little hard to get it properly attached otherwise it would keep coming out during cleaning.
  •  The vacuum is bagless but there are filters that you would need to wash every now and then.
  • Some users report that this vacuum is not really a good one for stairs.


The Electrolux UltraActive DeepClean Bagless Canister Vacuum, EL4300B overall performance with cyclonic technology and sealed HEPA filter system is great. It works effectively and you get convenience of being bagless. The machine is designed for ease of moving and handling. It gives you powerful suction and pickup with the capability of cleaning all surfaces.  The price of this vacuum cleaner is affordable and it saves you from additional cost of buying replacement bags.