Miele S2121 Delphi Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Finding the house cleaning job really time consuming and would like to make it more comfortable with less time and efforts consumed, then replace your old heavy duty vacuum cleaner with the light weight and most efficient Miele S2121 Delphi Canister Vacuum Cleaner. The cleaner would not only save your time but will clean your entire house in a breeze with complete ease.

You will love your household cleaning job with this user-friendly machine. Maximum capturing of dirt is ensured with the electro comfort floor brush used with the vacuum. It gives you ease of adjusting the suction power level according to your requirement and three attachment tools just make your job a lot more easier. Other than these there are many other features that would make you fall in love with this powerful and effective canister vacuum.

Technical Specifications

  • Cleaning Radius: 29.5 foot
  • Cleaning Path: 11 inches
  • Dimensions: 17.2 x 23.2 x 14.6 inches
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Warranty: 7 years
Miele S2121 Delphi Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Design and structure

The Miele S2121 Delphi is a full featured vacuum cleaner most suitable for cleaning low to medium pile carpets and works extremely well on bare floors. The cleaner is surely bit expensive but the cleaning results are surely inevitable.

Miele has tested this device and have given an average life span of 20 years of usage. This cleaner is built in the shape of a tank and has a strong interior with which you would have no fear of tear.

The hose is also good quality that is crush-proof and would not bend if anything drops on it or by mistake your step on it. All the parts of this machine are made in Germany. It is extremely lightweight vacuum with weight only around 9 pounds. It also features automatic cord rewind system that works by stepping on to the button located at the back of the machine. You can do the cleaning job with complete comfort as the hose handle is also ergonomically designed for reduced wrist strain.

The size is also compact with dimensions 17.2 x 23.2 x 14.6 inches. The motor and casing warrantyis 7 years while the entire unit is backed by a 2 years warranty.

Power and Performance

The Miele S2121 Delphi Canister Vacuum Cleanerperforms with internal specifications similar to that of the Miele S2121 Capri Canister Vacuum CleanerIt includes a 1200 watt Miele Vortex motor system that makes way for its efficient powerful suction for maximum intake of dust and dirt.

With the cleaning radius of around 29.5 foot including the length of telescopic stainless steel wand, you can have the benefit of effortless reach all around your house even going up and down the stair case. The cleaning path is 11 inches widethat cleans a larger space in one go.

It also includes a rotary dial at the back of the machine that enables you to make adjustment of suction power between six levels depending upon cleaning of carpet pile, fabrics or floor.

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In comparison to other cheap vacuum cleanersthe filtration system of the Miele Delphi Canister is an exceptional choice that would not only clean your house but will offer a healthy environment for asthma and allergy sufferers as well.

Thanks to the Super Air Clean Filter that is made up of multiple ply material layers that are charged electrostatically to capture even the smallest particles of dirt and dust. The entire system is capable of removing around 94% of dirt particles including the smallest 0.3 microns too. The filtration system is also compatible with HEPA filter that is sold separately and you can use it for 100% removal of particles.

It features Auto Seal Closing FilterBag that locks in all the dirt, allergens and dust. A filter bag change indicator will let you know when it is time to replace the bag.

How it work?

As we talked about its powerful suction, you might be thinking that the vacuum would be making a lot of noise however this is surely not the case. The integrated silence system and noise optimized fan gives you a cleaning machine that would not disturb anyone in your house.

In case machine gets overheated by extended use, the safety shut off system automatically switches the cleaner off.


The Miele S2121 Delphi Canister Vacuum Cleanerfeatures dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzleAn electrically driven power brush is also included that features floating head with swivel neck. This attachment works really well with low and medium pile carpets. The brush can be turned on or off by controls appointed at the deluxe handle.

The Vario Tool Storage Clip holds all the three tools and you can thus select the one suitable for your job with easy access.

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  • Powerful motor and suction with 6 different adjustment levels.
  • Delphi’s Exclusive CleanAir System and HEPA media filter compatible.
  • Suitable for low and medium carpets along with smooth flooring.
  • Quiet machine with low operating noise.
  • Cleaning radius 29.5 foot gives you ease of cleaning all around the house.
  • Automatic cord rewind system.
  • Overheating safety shut off system.
  • Filter bag change indicator light.
  • Extremely light weight design.
  • Smooth floor and power brush for bare floors and carpets.


  • It lacks the Miele certified sealed system.
  • It doesn’t have tools storage but the tools are only held with a clip.
  • Crevice tool length is 4 inches while other competitors are offering tool with 8 inches length.


The Miele S2121 Delphi Canister Vacuum Cleaner gives you complete worth of the price you pay for this impressive German constructed vacuum. The price is surely worth it with low maintenance cost and with all the attachments you will be able to get all your cleaning tasks done with complete ease and efficiency. The tool is suitable for low/medium carpets and for smooth flooring. It is highly durable and is tested for 20 years of average life. The device is surely good news for people suffering with allergies and asthma problem and we recommend them to use it with HEPA Filter. Get benefit of buying from Amazon with 9% discount on price and free shipping.