Miele S8380 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum Review

When it comes to vacuums, Miele is known to have designed and engineered some of the most innovative, effective and affordable cleaners for its users. The Cat & Dog Canister Vacuumby Miele has been specifically designed for all those who love pets and need to clean up every now and then after pets. The Miele S8380 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum is a perfect canister vacuum for them and with the help of accessories/tools of this machine you can clean up smooth hard floor, carpeted areas, rugs, stairs and furniture with convenience. The filtration system installed in this machine not only eliminates dust but also absorb pet odors giving you fresh clean air.

Technical Specifications

  • Power: 1,200-watt Miele-made Vortex Motor
  • Cleaning Radius: 33 feet
  • Filtration: 12-Stage AirClean Sealed System
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Dimensions: 17 x 23.2 x 15 inches
  • Origin: Germany
  • Key Features: Air driven Hard Floor Dusting tool, automatic cord rewind
  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor/ 7-year motor and casing
Miele S8380 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum

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Design and structure

This light weight and compact size canister vacuum cleaner can be easily kept in your home setting. Using the Miele S8380 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuumwith its Electro Plus electrobrush would be the ideal option for cleaning. The structure of vacuum is well-designed with ergonomic handle with which you can easily lift and clean with the machine. The handle also includes power on and off button for ease. The entire skeleton is redesigned to make it more user-friendly with a weight of only 11 pounds. A perfect combination of design and power gives you revolutionary cleaning machine with all the great features.

All the parts are engineered to give you uncompromised quality and durability over years with everyday cleaning. According to tests conducted, this machine has the capability to last for good 20 years. The intuitive design of the vacuum makes it easier to clean over large space with its long cord. It also features one touch automatic cord retraction system that operates with a touch of a switch by foot.

The cleaner is suitable for low to medium carpeted floor, smooth/hard floor and area rugs cleaning. Miele gives a 1 year warranty on parts and laboalong with an extensive 7 years motor and casing warranty for this vacuum.

Power and Performance

The Miele Cat & Dog is appointed with a powerful system that enables user to choose between 6 power levels ranging from 1200 watts to 300 watts for cleaning according to their needs similar to the Miele S2121 Delphi. You can switch levels with the use of your foot easily and clean any part of your living space. All the symbols and graphics are clearly placed for guidance of users.

Miele have redesigned their castor wheels for greater maneuverability. With the dynamic drive castor wheels, users can enjoy exceptional convenience of moving the machine smoothly around your house. Moreover the 360 degree turning capacity ensures easy turning along with the use of steel axles mounting you can have the benefit of easy moving with stable cleaning operation.

Also if you have various furniture or other items in your living area or rooms, no need to worry. The travel ramp design makes this machine easy to use around obstacles and thresholds. With all these ease of moving features, you still have your furniture and other things saves thanks to the new 3D bumper strip. The vacuum gives you an operating radius of 33 feet with the use of hose and wands.

The Miele S8380 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuumfeatures different tools that make cleaning easier on smooth and low/medium carpeted flooring. You can use the Electro Plus electrobrush to clean your carpet. The Parquet Twister floor tool is used for smooth and hard flooring. The machine also includes a Handheld Turbo Brush that is ideal for cleaning pet hair from stairs, from car or from upholstery.

Miele S8380 Cat & Dog

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The research & development and quality control departments at Miele are continuously working towards making of a perfect sealed system for minimal indoor pollutants in air. The Miele S8380 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuumfeatures Active Air Clean Filter. This filter includes Super Air Clean Filter that is designed to absorb not only dust but also odors which is really helpful if you have pets in the house.

You may have heard about many vacuums that claim to give you allergens free air but this one is tested and proved. The Miele’s AirClean Sealed System is effective in removing dust mites, pet odor, pollens and irritants to about 99.9%. So it is proven to be a good one for asthma and allergy sufferers too.

How it work?

The motor of vacuum is declared to be a low noise machine that gives high output with minimal sound. This model is considered to be one of the quietest machines by Miele.


The Miele S8380 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuumfeatures a flexible Poly foam suction hose of 70 inches that is designed for durability and stability. The accessories included with the vacuum are dusting brush, crevice nozzle and upholstery tool and there is a separate storage compartment where you can easily store these components and access at any time during operation.

Miele S8380 Cat Dog Vacuum cleaner


  • Impressive tools that let you clean all around the house including furniture, stairs, upholstery and other difficult to clean places.
  • 6 different power levels for suction according to your requirement.
  • Ease controls and ergonomically friendly structure.
  • Active AirClean filter system that gives you excellent cleaning.
  • Easy maneuvering.
  • It gives quiet cleaning operation even at its highest suction power level.
  • 33 foot cleaning radius that lets you clean all around.
  • Automatic cord rewind feature.
  • On board storage for tools.
  • Reliable and durable performance.
  • Industry beating 7 years warranty on motor and casing.
  • Extremely light in weight and thus is easy to carry around.


  • HEPA Filter not included.
  • It doesn’t have filter change indicator.
  • Reach of crevice tool is short in comparison to other models.
  • Electro plus power brush doesn’t shut off in park position. It doesn’t have a headlight.


Reviewing various models and brands of vacuumssuggest that the Miele’s German engineered vacuums are some of the best choices for consumers who prefer portable, compact size and an efficient vacuum cleaner worth the price money. You will love this machine especially if you have pets in the house. So get rid of all the pet dander, odor, dust mites, dirt, pet air and other dirt pollens from your house with the purchase of Miele S8380 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner.