Review on Dyson DC65 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC65 is the most powerful upright vacuum on a ball that has a very strong suction for any vacuum. The brand Dyson invests a lot in researching in pursuit of finding new ways to make things work better for a delightful consumer experience.

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Technical features

• Product Dimensions: 10.7 x 11.5 x 36.4 inches ; 22.9 pounds
• Reconfigured brush bar features 25% more power and drives bristles deeper into carpets to remove more dirt.
• Radial Root Cyclone technology
• Ball technology- For easy steering into difficult places.
• Weight (Shipping): 23 pounds 
• Self-adjusting cleaner head- Seals in the suction across carpets and hard floors.
• 5-year parts & labor warranty

Design, quality and performance

The brush bar in Dyson DC65 has been redesigned by raising the ridge where the bristles sit on. In the new design, the bristles have been made shorter and stiffer. This is to allow deeper carpet penetration and remove more dirt with less possibility of scratching hard floors. The machine has been engineered with 25% more suction power than its predecessor to make the job even easier.

On most upright vacuums the cleaner heads are required to be adjusted manually for various types of floors to prevent suction loss caused by the gap that is created between the cleaner head and the floor during transitions from one-floor type to another. To solve this problem, Dyson DC65 employs an active base-plate that self-adjusts with various floor types. By automatically raising and lowering, it maintains close contact with the floor all times. This technology helps to keep suction sealed in. Like many users, future users will surely claim that the DC65 cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors once they grab it. A well-justified claim as it achieves this through the combination of Radial Root Cyclone technology and the self-adjusting cleaner head for sealing in suction across all floors – carpets and hard floors. All these innovative features make this machine lovable. Many users will claim that no other vacuum will do what Dyson DC65 does.

Ease of use

Steering into difficult places now becomes easier with the latest Ball technology that it employs. Ball inner has been enriched with more key technologies and the components outside the machine has been reduced, which means less cluttered outer makes it even easier to steer under and around furniture. When you vacuum under the table, you can just swerve serpentine around the table legs and under the chairs with ease.


Customers need to pay a little more for Dyson DC65 that delivers an incredible suction. But this spending on the higher side is well justified as buyers will get a superb service that will fulfill their expectations completely.

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Why should you buy Dyson DC65?

1. It has stronger suction power than most other vacuums
2. It employs an active base-plate that self-adjusts with various floor types and helps to keep suction sealed in. 
3. DC65 cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors through the dual effect of Radial Root Cyclone technology and the self-adjusting cleaner head.
4. It is engineered with Ball technology for easy steering into difficult places.

Know the limitations to make an informed buying decision

1. Some claims that the Dyson DC65 is quite noisy when it is running, others find it to be acceptable due to the massive suction that goes on inside.
2. Some buyers consider it expensive compared to other upright models. However, you may not find it overpriced if you consider the quality. We only get what we pay for, don’t we?
3. If you have a slim budget (around $100), then DC65 may not be the right machine for you unless resellers put it on a huge sale.

Dyson DC65 is a superb vacuum cleaner. It is certainly going to end your search for a perfect cleaning with its stronger suction and other innovative technology. If you have a good budget to spend for a vacuum, then why not the Dyson DC65? Try this. You will get what you pay for.

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